BCBSM Keep Fit Plan

The Keep Fit plan is one of plans offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. For healthy individuals with mild to no current health conditions or regular prescriptions, a light plan may be right for you. Light plans offer basic coverage – still providing coverage but at a lower monthly rate.

The Keep Fit plan is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), meaning members can choose from a network of preferred providers contracted with BCBSM. As one of the largest insurance providers in Michigan, the Blue Care Network gives coverage access to members throughout the country, even if you live or travel outside of the state for a duration of the year.

With this plan you’ll get coverage for medical preventive care, with various plan options to select from. What does that mean for you? Basic coverage for a lower monthly premium. Coverage for prescriptions and optional dental is included. Other details of the Keep Fit plan include:

  • Accidental injury deductible waiver
  • Diminishing deductible and fitness rewards for qualifying members
  • Coinsurance – 30% in-network
  • Copays are $40 for office visits and $250 for ER visits

Keep in mind that this is just one of the three ‘light’ plan options through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. To learn more details about this plan and others in your area, we invite you to download a free quote. Simply enter your ZIP code in the quote engine above and you’ll get instant details on plan features and rates. If you’d like to speak in person with an agent, call 888-215-4661.